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- Where do all the trainings take place?

The training sessions take place at your country sport complex , for booking please contact us, only academies, associations and clubs.


- How do you set up the practice groups?

Each participant will be evaluated in order to place him in the category (age) and level that he belongs to, like this he will be able to compete at his maximum level. Morning training works on the individual skills, afternoon training focuses on general group training.


-What language coaches will speak?

The Academy coaches will combine English and Spanish to make player get used to Spanish, especially on the soccer terms. But already we can communicated in french language. 


- Are parents allowed to visit during the training?

Parents can visit training sessions if they don’t interfere in the process of the program, and as well we have at our training fields.


- How do you combine training and studies?

You need to adapt the Academic studies to the training program, so the schedule is adapted to let the players do training session without interfering in the regular academic studies.


- Are cell phones allowed all the time during the training?

Cell phones have to be left outside the training pitch. Phones can be used during the participants’ free time.


- How can I contact the Academy staff?

You can call the office anytime. Remember we do trainings only for clubs, associations and academies. So please if you are a single player don't contact us.


- Are any forbidden items at the Academy?

Alcohol, drugs and tobacco are strictly forbidden during the program. Any possession of illegal substances will be subject to immediate expulsion from trainings.

- Do I need to get insurance?

Yes you need to have a Private Medical insurance for each player


For any other questions or concerns please contact us:

Football Academy

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